Back to School

This school year, we have two people in our household going to school.  My husband just started his first semester of college, and my stepson decided to move in with us for his senior year of high school.  Suddenly, we have a lot of school-related activities happening in our home: getting up early, doing homework, studying, taking tests, checking grades…all the usual activities of students.
I graduated college two years ago.  For the first time, I’m the one in the household NOT going to school.  It feels very strange to see everyone else going, and not have classes or homework myself.  I felt a little left out, even though everyone around me is telling me to enjoy the break.  I even considered signing up for graduate school, but I know I’m not ready for that yet.
So, I decided to put together my own "writing" school, and get back to basics on learning to write: grammar, determining what type of writing to do, coming up with ideas of what to write, and figuring out my best way of doing it all.  I pulled out my writing books and researched the Internet for learning tools for my "school."  Now, I haven’t actually done any of it yet (ha, ha), but at least it’s all there if I want to start it.
But I got a big lesson today on just how long it’s been since I was in school.  My stepson is taking a Liberal Arts Geometry class, and is working on the F.O.I.L. method for solving equations.  He showed me his homework, and I thought I knew exactly what to do, but was getting the wrong answer.  So he showed me how to do it again.  He commented how funny it was that he was teaching a college graduate how to do math homework.  I thought that was funny, but he was absolutely right: he was!  And he taught it well, showing me step-by-step exactly how to do it.  He’s a very good teacher.
I’m still planning on doing some of the writing program I set up for myself, eventually.  But I realized one thing:  for now, I would rather do this my way, on my terms than have to go by what my teachers want, and on their terms.

About Andrea

Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer with a BA in Mass Communication-Journalism from the University of South Florida. She has always wanted to be a published writer, and decided to try to write fantasy books for teens. The Chosen is her first book, and was released on December 14, 2010, to her delight. Andrea has written five more books since: Nature's Unbalance: The Chosen, Book 2 Striker's Apprentice: The Chosen, Book 3 Destiny: New Avalon, book 1, a YA fantasy Fate: New Avalon, book 2, a YA fantasy My Open Heart, an autobiography of growing up with heart disease. She is currently writing the fourth book in The Chosen series. Andrea lives in Kansas with her family, which includes her two precious puppies.
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